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The Top 3 Best Places to Hammock in Utah

The best place to hammock in Utah is a question that has been asked by many people! This article will talk about the top 5 places you should go if you're looking for the perfect spot. The first thing we want to mention is that finding your perfect hammocking location can be dependent on what type of person you are and what kind of experience you are looking for. All you need is two trees and your hammock. You can be creative and use a sturdy fence or pole. You can even use your car.

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1. Zion National Park

Zion national park doesn't just have rocks and water. There are a lot of hikes such as, Angels Landing, Upper Emerald trail, and Watchman Trail. You can go on a hike and take a break in your hammock. I know that when I am on vacation or hiking I get tired and just want a break. Having a bed/ chair right in my backpack has been so helpful for me.  When going to a national park it is important to be prepared. Make sure you bring water, food, toiletries and something to relax in. 


2. SugarHouse Park, Salt Lake City

After working all day inside the last thing you want to do is sit inside and be bored on the couch. We've all had those days where we we just need to get out of the house and do something. If you work from home it is especially important to get outside and enjoy nature. SugarHouse is a Central Park in Salt Lake City that has ponds, amazing trees and endless hills and fields. Don't worry about there being a lot of people there because you can always find a spot to relax and enjoy nature in your hammock. 


3. Bryce Canyon National Park

What better way to spend your day than relaxing in a double hammock? There are incredible views of Bryce Canyon all around you. The perfect place to hammock and enjoy some peace! There's plenty of hiking within the park that will allow for great workouts while getting fresh air at altitude with nice scenery too- it really feels like "the land" has transformed into something magical when in this natural wonderland
A person could spend hours exploring, but we recommend setting up your own little home away from everything else if possible because once night falls there’s no light pollution so stars come alive above us.

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful national park in your hammock.


Things to know before hammocking 

  • Don't ever hammock in someones yard without asking them. Think about how you would feel if you were them.
  • Watch out for trespassing signs if you are hiking.
  • Respect the land and don't damage the area you are hammocking or camping in.

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