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Ultimate Guide to Hanging a Hammock Outdoors

Did you just buy a travel hammock and you have no idea how to actually put it up. You have the hammock and the straps but how do you get the end product of a relaxing chair/bed.

Here is everything you need to know about setting up a hammock.

Step 1 

Un-stuff your travel hammock from the bag and pull out the straps. Most travel hammocks come in a sinch bag and the hammock is squished in or rolled up inside. 

Step 2

Connect the carabiner to the hammock ends. Make sure your carabiner is strong and has no rusting. If there is rusting in the hinge or it looks like it is going to break, get a new one. You always want to be safe and not sorry. 

Blue Bananaz Carabiners are heavy duty and can withstand up to 1000 pounds with our thick straps. 

Step 3

Wrap one of the hammock straps around the tree and pull the long end through which ever loop you need for your distance in between the trees. 

Do this on both sides. They may need to be adjusted based on these four things.

  • The Distance in between the trees
  • How many people/ how much weight it will be holding up 
  • How high up you want it 
  • How taught you want it. 

Did you know that the kind of hammock strap you buy matters? 

If it is just rope they can often times fall apart or destroy trees. You want one that is tick and has reinforcements to ensure safety for you and your family. 

Step 4

Get in your hammock and Relax. Enjoy the outdoors.


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