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What to Pack When Camping

When going camping it is important to have everything you need and be prepared in case of an emergency. There are a few different factors that will change what you need to bring. For example, where is your destination? What will the weather be like? Will you be alone? Will there be people or animals around? Will there be bathrooms?

Weather Conditions                      

If you are going to stay in a colder environment you will want to check the weather and prepare accordingly. Bring a good pair of rain clothes if you are going to be outside of your tent or sleeping area. You can always set up a tarp connected to trees for a rain covered area. A canopy will work as well but they are bigger and can be harder to move around if you are by yourself or packing light. 

Having a quality sleeping bag is very important if you are going to be in a cold climate. There are a lot of different sleeping bags on the market right now. Do some research and look at reviews to make sure you are getting the best. 

If you are staying some where warm you want to bring sunscreen, a hammock to lay out in, and light clothes. Having a hammock in your packing list is an essential part of camping. It gives you an easy place to sit if you don't want to bring chairs. You can sleep in it, relax all day, and have fun with people you love. Camping is a lot of fun and having a hammock makes it so much more fun. 

Will you be alone?

If you are camping alone it is very important to make sure that someone knows where you are going. Let them know where you are going and when you will be back. If you are going alone and there are other people around you can take a few items with you to make it seem like there are more people with you. A pair of shoes, clothes, another chair, two hammocks... By having two of a few things it makes people think someone else is there somewhere and that they shouldn't approach you. Bringing pepper spray or a taser can be another option. Having both extra items and some sort of a defense can help you feel more comfortable being alone and help you enjoy your experience. 

Are there bathrooms?

If there are bathrooms and it is a public campsite you don't have much to worry about. We would suggest bringing some hand sanitizer, your own soap and water bucket if they don't have a sink. Often times the bathrooms don't have toilet paper or its rough. Bring your own toilet paper next time.

If you are going somewhere without bathrooms there are a few options for you. You can bring a shovel and dig a hole and simply squat. They have small toilet seats for outdoor use that make it super easy, or you can lean up against a tree. Avoid areas near paths and water. Bury your waste a foot down and you can cover up the top with a rock. Be considerate and bury your toilet paper or put in a bag and pack away. 

Packing List

Tent with rain fly


Chairs- if you want

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat



Toilet Paper

Outdoor toilet seat- optional

Hand Sanitizer

Cooking ware


Dishes bucket- something to wash dishes

Garbage bags







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